Body Regen Certification Class

$2500.00 USD

The Body Regen Five day class is open to anyone who has taken Body Regen level one two and three online courses.

During these five days, you will go deeper into how to use your knowing when working at a distance and with clients.

There will be a lot of group work and practice to help you go deeper into developing your skills and intuition. You will learn how to become more confident and follow your inner knowing.

Narrow down your niche.

You will receive a set of the Body Regen Cards mailed to you so you can enjoy using them in your session.

You will learn how to set up your business and be given links to people I use so you no longer need to search and fall through the trap doors.

Learn how you can grow with Tracy L and her community and spread your wings your way!

Taking a leap of faith and following what you love can be scary. I learned along the way, so let me help you now expand your unique skills your way and spread your wings!!

Class is Thursday Oct 13th To Monday Oct 17th

10 to 4 each day via zoom and is recorded and replay is available.

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Event Date

October 19th - October 23rd

Event Time

10:00 am
- 4:00 pm EST


  • "Just prior to the course, I was feeling so small. I actually saw an image of me in a past life, being told to be small. I had stories in my mind of being told this in my current life. I ALMOST left the call as soon as I signed in!

    I'm SO glad I pushed past my comfort zone - to the point where I was ASKING to be pushed to test my new skills. I felt so loved and supported and held in the energetic container of the 5 day class, I was able to drop so much programming of the OLD me, to make way for the NEW way forward - no more playing small!

    I also witnessed ALL the other participants of the course step outside of their comfort zones, and truly EXPAND their own gifts and abilities. That was something truly beautiful to witness. It was an experience of greater connection, and to Source/God/Divine - more than I've ever felt before. If you ever get the chance to do a course with Tracy as the facilitator - DO IT!

    Tracy's support and guidance gave me so much confidence to be able to use and integrate Body Regen tools and the Body Regen cards to help myself, my family, AND my clients.

    I can't recommend her course enough!"

    -Chelsea S
  • Dear Tracy, πŸ˜‡

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the Body Regen 5-Day Course. πŸ™

    This morning my alarm didn’t go off, but I woke up and the time was 3:33.

    I have a lot to catch up on, though I learnt so much in the few hours I was able to attend live. πŸ’«

    My camera was mainly off because it was so early here and I was in bed in my pj’s and still half asleep. 😴

    You are such an amazing, generous, inspirational, funny, open, honest and warm soul. πŸ’›

    Thank you for the tools. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for travelling the road less travelled.

    You make the journey for the rest of us as easy as you possibly can with not only the gift of the tools,

    but also the gift of so much good information and knowledge. ✨

    I am so eternally grateful for finding the best β€œ pot of Gold β€œ on the planet - You! πŸ’›

    Big hugs and lots of love,

    Janet D πŸ’
  • I just finished the 5-day certification and my heart is overflowing with gratitude as I have witnessed so many miracles and shifts.

    Tracy, I appreciate how humble you are but I really want you to know the magnitude of what you have created. Your soul came to planet Earth to bring the Body Regeneration method into existence and change the world of energy healing. You are the model day Louise Hay and your method will not only shift countless lives but also go down in the history books. This is why you have been resonating with Rosa Parks because against all odds you never gave up and stayed strong and stood for what you believe in.

    We are the pioneers of your method and I am so grateful and honoured to be able to share body regeneration with the world.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I celebrate you today for all your strength, tenacity and generosity. You are a true inspiration and hero as your method will continue to save a tremendous number of lives. So much love to you!

    I want to thank the entire TLC Academy for always showing up and loving and supporting one another. The unification of our incredible souls and light makes the world a brighter place every single day!

    Never give up on your dreams because you are the creator of your life!

    Love and blessings to all of you!

    -Christie O
  • I am writing this email with a heart filled with gratitude. I was very triggered during this class. But was so worth it, all my shadows came to surface . I was able to work through many and still working until its complete.

    The amazing five days spent with Tracy and the community were unimaginably REAL! I received instant shifts they awakened my gifts further. I was not aware how regenerating the bodies can lift the fog off my DNA to activate me to another level that I thought was only real in movies. I can now share my gifts with the world from a whole another dimension and level. The way Tracy allowed the class and energy to move in flow was so special, everyone got to shine and learn vibrational, not the old way of "Following". I am so excited to share this knowledge with the world and help it evolve to heights that seem untouchable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity to level up in life.


    -Jia Dafu
  • WOW. WOW. WOW.
    The 5 day Body Regen Certification class was extraordinary! From the knowledge, practice and participation to the inspiration, excitement and motivation that was inclusive in the experience, We learned so much, had experiences and shifts in real time and witnessed others flourish and excel. It was truly life altering! I use the cards, prayer books, and other tools Tracy has taught and shared in the Miraculous Academy, other courses, and events daily.
    It is an incredible time in history and I am so thankful and grateful to have access to the TLC community and all that it entails. Thank you Tracy for all that you graciously and generously share with others!!

    Have a great day! ❀

    Tracy S

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