Body Regeneration Financial Reset - 4 Week Course

Join me for this 4 week Body Regeneration event where we will be changing financial blue prints and adjusting into the new way of dealing with money!

You can not create from the old way of financial interaction at all. it is all dissolving, so together we will show up in the new energy so you can bring in a new level of awareness, energy and empowerment with your money!!

Each class is 90 minutes. With the purchase of this course, you receive a lifetime membership replay plus clearings and activations.

Unlock your blue prints now and create from a new place in the new earth!

Much Love,
Rev Tracy L
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Body Regeneration Financial Reset. Starting March 30th 2022. 4 week course.
What will you shift?

Body Regeneration Method Testimonials

Chelsea S.J.

TLC Member for 4+ years

Things have changed MASSIVELY for me!

"I have experienced dramatic shifts in how my body operates. I've been able to drop old programming and dig REALLY deeply into patterns that I haven't ever been able to do."

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Interested in becoming a Body Regeneration Specialist?

If you are interested in becoming a Body Regeneration Specialist, you will be required to have all three of these new modules. Once finalized you can sign up to take the five-day specialist course which will involve deeper training into how to work with the body, and spirit, on many physical issues, curses, and spells, and the heavier energies. You will learn how to work with your clients, how to set up your business, and how to prepare for sessions.

After completion of the required hours and guidelines, you will be assessed and granted an option to see if you are ready to be placed on the specialist porthole of my website. There will be minor requirements moving forward to ensure you are growing and shifting moving forward to ensure you are healthy, strong, supported, and offering your clients the best version of you!!! We do not have enough amazing souls to help others. I look forward to sharing, growing, and working with you in any capacity!

Much love Rev. Tracy L
Meet Tracy L- An Energy Healer and Hyper Intuitive. As a direct channel of Spirit's message, it's through the sound and frequency of her voice that Tracy L creates massive shifts within people. Tracy L helps you release the blockages in your body and energetic field so you can start to live a life of ease and grace through transformation, love and connection!
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