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Soul Sunday With Rev. Tracy L is a non-denominational service held once a month. It is a place where you can feel safe, uplifted ask questions, receive a clearing and activation. You will leave feeling, empowered, and focused. You will be ready to take charge of your own life! Every month we focus on a new topic. Community is so important over the coming months and years to embrace the new earth! Spread the word! All proceeds for this event go to the TLC outreach fund to help others in need! When you give generously you receive generously. These guidelines of the new ministry will be released shortly so please stay tuned! If you are truly ready to open to new levels in your life and be open to embrace new ways of receiving and giving, make sure you join us!


January 17, 2021

$15   USD

You demand the best! Envision a life of transformation and change.

Envision a life where you are empowered and inspired. A life you succeed and thrive not survive! This weekend you will find out why things are not moving in your life the way you desire. You will unlock new possibilities in your finances, your health, your intuition, but most of all your connection to the God of your understanding! This weekend is for you if you are ready to unlearn and relearn new ideas and have a breakthrough in your life now! True transformation in life comes with action. This weekend is packed full of teachings, clearings, and energy alignments! Your questions will be answered and shifted! You cannot endure this new earth alone! Meet amazing souls from around the world to help lift you up and unlock the secrets within you that you have no idea was even there!! It all comes down to choice and how high you desire to go with unlocking your peace within! I can not wait to see you in Jan. and hold on much will be unfolding until then!


January 23, 2021

$397.00   USD

Annual Christmas Giveback Event

There is a great power in the spirit of giving and receiving. Throughout the year our community and partners just like you gift sessions, events and workshops. Also, Every year for the past four years the TLC community has had an annual Christmas Fundraiser event that has raised thousands for families within our community in need. To date we have supported over 10 families and raised over 40,000 thousand dollars. Do not miss this years event they are truly miraculous.

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If you believe you receive, if you doubt you go without.

- Rev. Tracy L

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Soul Sundays
Weekend Workshops
Michael C

TLC Member for 2+ years

It is so uplifting!

Soul Sundays and the workshops are amazing. It is so uplifting, and what I always remember at the end is not to judge myself but to love myself and the journey I'm on. Tracy L Clark is so patient and has come through so many things, and I believe this is why the love flows through her so strong. I absolutely love hearing her speak because her words produce shifts that I can take. I love the moment ...Read Michael C's Full Testimonial

Norm G

TLC Member for 3+ years

Off the charts again!

"A lot of clearings that changed perspective big time!" ...Read Norm G's Full Testimonial

Connie M

TLC Member for 2+ years

It was such a moving experience!

"...come together for this great Soul Sundays. It's a mix of women men-children with different beliefs, ages, and different cities from all over the world. It is inspirational, uplifting lots of releasing and letting go of physical mental energies and much much more." ...Read Connie M's Full Testimonial

Tara M.

TLC Member since 2017

The information that you will learn in these programs is incredible, there's nothing like it

"...there is no one like Tracy L Clark, I feel honored and blessed to be on this journey with her and this community. To have her be that stand for me and for me, to be that stand for her, and our community as a whole, globally. So I invite you, whatever might be in your way of your "yes" I encourage you, dig deep, look at it, find where the roots and the seeds of that block are, and remove them" ...Read Tara M.'s Full Testimonial

AnnaMarie DiMeo

TLC Member for 1+ years

Tearing With Joy And A Heart Full Of Love!

"Thank you 
for making me understand that I can be the REAL ME...I started on a journey of self growth and realization over 30 years ago, learning, reading, doing courses and workshops, different therapies and modalities and meeting different teachers along the way...YOU, however, have been the most impactful in the shortest time" ...Read AnnaMarie DiMeo's Full Testimonial

Bianca Cousineau

TLC Member for 5+ years

Loving My Lightness of Being and Joy

"It's as if the new energy took place in lightness. It is really what I have been feeling since the workshop: lightness, joy, and trust in what is coming next...I love that new level of lightness and joy. 

I try to attend every event that I can, despite the 8-hour drive, because I gain so much and my life improves in incredible ways.

" ...Read Bianca Cousineau's Full Testimonial


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