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Live events designed to create big shifts in your life when you jump all in and show up for yourself.

Unveil Your Inner Potential

Exclusive Energetic Experiences!

Join me for evenings and weekends—both online and in-person—as we create a powerhouse of energy clearings, healings, and activations.

Get ready to ignite a spectacular shift within you and propel your life toward the most extraordinary possibilities — Health! Wealth! Intuition! And a divine connection that enriches your spirit!

Our events are carefully crafted to electrify your inner being!

With content focused on maximizing your spiritual linkage to the God/Universe/Divine, you will return to your essence. Expect every moment to pulse with potent energy, awakening dormant abilities, and channelling them into a revolutionary realization of your dreams!

Upcoming Events

Miracles With Tracy
In-Person Weekend Event

OCTOBER 26/27TH 2024

Homewood Suites & Hampton Inn by Hilton Toronto Airport Corporate Centre.

📍 5515 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario

Reignite your zeal, amplify your essence, and harness the cosmic forces for health, wealth, and unfathomable intuition! 

Join us for an awe-inspiring weekend that promises a harmony of vital energy shifts, teachings, and the celestial touch of Tracy L! Get ready to peel away the layers of the mundane, tap into your latent potential, and truly master the practical energy tools that will catapult you into a reality brimming with miracles! 

This isn’t just another event; it’s an odyssey of self-discovery and spiritual invigoration – a gathering that will leave you bristling with dynamic energy and an unstoppable drive to unlock the secrets of your life! 

Prepare to be transported into a realm where every breath is a promise, each moment a stepping stone to grandeur, and every beat of your heart echoes the rhythm of infinite possibilities! 

Don’t wait for the stars to align – create your own constellation! Secure your spot at this monumental event and transform into the person destiny has whispered you’re meant to be! Time is of the essence; tickets are your vessel – climb aboard! 

For spiritual seekers, personal growth enthusiasts, and every motivated soul yearning for a deeper connection and purpose: this call is for you. Answer it. Live it. Transcend.

Your miracle awaits – will you reach out and grasp it?

See you among the stars!

Financial Evening Event​

Online Event: July 23, 2024

6 pm Eastern Timezone

This is a no-BS event to help you shift your frequency into the financial realm you have been dreaming of! 

Remember, each step you take towards your life is never unnoticed by spirit. This will be an exciting class and time to hit new levels if you do the work by showing up and stepping into a new realm!!!

You will have a replay for two weeks after- so make sure you listen and take in all the shifts.

Fall Reboot Evening Event

Online Event: Date To Be Announced

Time To Be Announced

Event Info coming soon!

2025 Body Regen Facilitator
5-Day Certification

Online Event – Date To Be Announced

Get ready to jump to new levels with the 5-Day Body Regeneration Facilitator Certification.  This course dives deep in the 5 days focused on learning how to listen to your intuition to integrate and use the tools in your own unique way.  We work together, with real situations and real-time shifting to expand your energy work and create huge shifts for the group. Everyone moves at their own pace and can jump into play in their own unique way with the support of the other facilitators.

Now is the time to really uncover what is possible and answer that call to learn how to use easy everyday tools at a new level.

Interested in joining as a participant?  This course is open to join for those who want to push the limits of their own energy gifts and use these 5 transformational days for your personal learning and growth. 

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