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Take Your Health To The Next level
Take your health to new level 2 hour online body regeneration event september 8th 6pm estTake your health to new level 2 hour online body regeneration event september 8th 6pm est
A new system will be integrated as our old system is breaking down.
Join me for two hours where I will teach you the basic energy of the body and the organs. I will work with different clearings and tools to help you unlock the energy of the body. The more you learn the more you can shift your health and live with more ease and grace.
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The Great Health and Wealth One Day Reset Event
Embrace the great reset Unlock your health and wealth to a new level Fall 2022
With so much that has unfolded this year and more every day, there is never a greater time to focus on you! Keep manifesting and adjusting. A new world should be exciting, not scary! You have prepared for this your entire life! Now let's engage in more clearings and activations to unlock more of why you chose to be here during this incredible time in history! WE will be spending the day adjusting for the fall and winter energies, aligning to what you are truly here to create. A chance to have a Live interaction with Tracy. We will be engaging in multiple clearings and activations as always plus as you are well aware there are no scripts at Tracy's events. Everything is channelled live!
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TLC Body Regeneration Intimacy Class
Body Regeneration Intimacy class. 4 week course starting september 7th 2022
This class is designed to empower you to understand why you show up a certain way in relationships. Also, to help you understand how the power of intimacy can be used to create and manifest!
Unlock the judgements and shame!

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Body Regen Certification
TLC Body regeneration certification online event october 13th-17thTLC Body regeneration certification online event october 13th-17th
The Body Regen Five day class is open to anyone who has taken Body Regen level one two and three online courses
During these five days, you will go deeper into how to use your knowing when working at a distance and with clients.
There will be a lot of group work and practice to help you go deeper into developing your skills and intuition. You will learn how to become more confident and follow your inner knowing.
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Soul Sundays
Weekend Workshops
Magdalena B

TLC Member for 4+ years

You are a miracle in my life!

"Today I noticed that not only are those thoughts gone but they are out of reach (whereas I would usually have to continuously push them away.)"

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Monika E

TLC Member 2+ years

I knew that anything was possible!

"For someone who went from total hiding to being that vulnerable in an instant - I knew that anything was possible - even forgiveness!"

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S Smith

TLC Member for 3+ years

Soul Sundays are such a beautiful way to start the week

"...a beautiful way to start the week. It has inspired myself & my kids to live our best life..."

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Keiko K

TLC Member for 3+ years

Very intense, fulfilling experience

"I had attended several in-person weekend events before, but in a strange way, I found this online event more intimate and I felt like I was getting to know others better."

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AnnaMarie DiMeo

TLC Member for 1+ years

Tearing With Joy And A Heart Full Of Love!

"Thank you 
for making me understand that I can be the REAL ME... I started on a journey of self growth and realization over 30 years ago, learning, reading, doing courses and workshops, different therapies and modalities and meeting different teachers along the way... YOU, however, have been the most impactful in the shortest time"

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Jenn McL

TLC Member for 7+ years

This is priceless

"Someone was worried about the money they were going to spend on the workshop and a voice said to me in the workshop, this is priceless. Transformational seat is awesome, everyone got family breakthroughs and patterns going. So much love was there and we all resonated with same things. I cant wait for the replay."

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