Your Body, Your Choice

June 10, 2021
7:00 pm
- 9:00 pm
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Your Body, Your Choice

There is no better time to align your energy into the field of healing and restoring! You body is brilliant and has all it requires inside to create a new you. The issue is you were never taught how to tune into it. You were not shown or encouraged to see how powerful you are. When there is a weakness in the field the body allows blocks to enter and illness to come in!


During this class we will talk about your body, illnesses, medicines, alignments, clearings and so much more related to your body. If you know my story, you know very well that I learned this and restored my body after being told it was not possible. I was born with sickness so the journey we will keep embarking together!!! I can not wait to see you there!! Much love, Rev. T.


For the best viewing experience, please use Google Chrome. The replay will be available for five days after this event.

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