The Great Reset into the Light

May 8, 2021
10:00 am
- 12:00 pm
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The Great Reset into the Light

The world has gone mad! So many lies that it can feel frustrating and it can feel scary. The dark energies and their rituals have been destroying your freedoms and your rights!




The light has won but there are many many hurdles we need to keep going through. In this event, I will explain more of what is happening in the financial space, what is happening with the political space, and how we can adjust for the summer months of truths! As these truths come out many many will not believe them. You can see mainstream media is starting to drop hints too as they have been told enough is enough by the good guys..but it is SMALL...


So how do you navigate these changes? We will discuss in this update, we will be doing BODY CLEARINGS, activation, financial clearings and activations because that system is rolling. I will share with you loving ways in which you can help the sleepy understand what is happening and how you can help them when they can not believe what is coming out!


We are far from over, but we are now way into the truth! Remember, all my events are NOT scripted, so who knows what God will have in store for us. We follow the energy! So join me for this incredible two-hour event and together let's prep because we are in the end time and space as we push into the higher realms of new ways of living for ALL OF HUMANITY!


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