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March 19th Financial 1 Day Event 2023

Have you ever found yourself asking WHY your bank account never seems to get ahead? Have you been trying to save, but an expense always seems to come up that takes priority, and your savings are gone? Do you find yourself investing but don’t know the questions to ask your broker or are scared to look at your statement? Does learning something new like crypto or silver and gold feel super scary, and you are terrified to look at it? Have you started investing but have zero ideas when to take profits, or are you scared of missing out on more upswing?

I am here to tell you I have gone through all of this! I used to make a lot of money and lose a lot. I was famous for attracting people who would take it from me. I would always get so mad, only to learn I had so much guilt for accumulating wealth. I felt judged by others and didn’t want to be. I was criticized by my family for having sold my first company at 26, so I lost my money and gave it away. I learned that I held so many blueprints, shame and guilt around money. Once I shifted that, I started to change my wealth paradigm- I was able to not only keep it but grow it. I learned and paid attention to everything spirit showed me!

This is why I invite you to my ONE DAY wealth class on Sunday, March 19th from 10 am-4 pm. We will dive into all these areas, shift the paradigms and answer and shift your questions. Many have been saying that March is the time for a major stock market upset. What better time to face our fears and make money~ These are the rare times in history for many to change their wealth paradigm. The key will be to keep the new wealth and not do what I did- Make it, have guilt and give it away or lose it like the lottery winners who lose 97 percent of all their winnings. You do not want to be like those people do you?

If your answer is NO, I invite you to join me for this full-day event from 10 am-4 pm. You will receive many shifts and teachings and finish this class more aligned and powerful than ever.

You will also receive an unlimited replay so you can shift and rewatch over and over.

This class will be fully interactive and held on zoom for you to be able to participate. We will also have live soul seats!

Click the link to sign up below now!

Please note: This is not a substitute for financial advice.

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Magdalena BTLC Member for 4+ years
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"I wanted to share with you that yesterday, on the way to Soul Sunday, I had a bunch of things come up about love - of self and others - an area I had struggled with for decades. Today, I noticed that not only are those thoughts gone, but they are also out of reach (whereas I would usually have to continuously push them away). Thank you, God, for lifting the darkness and expanding the joy, for releasing the mind and embracing the heart. Thank you, Tracy - you are a miracle in my life and in the lives of many others. Bless you."
Monika ETLC Member 2+ years
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Favorite Soul Sunday: November 2019 - Forgiveness. This took place six months after my mom died, and I attended online. At that point, I did not believe that forgiveness was possible – never mind being willing. It just did not seem like something that could ever exist for me. If she was physically gone, and I still could not let it go, then I felt that it would never be possible. I wept openly during that Soul Sunday event. That same afternoon, I attended a sharing circle with 30 people and shared how much intense love I felt for everyone in the room (most of them were strangers!). For someone who went from total hiding to being that vulnerable in an instant, I knew that anything was possible – even forgiveness!
S SmithTLC Member for 3+ years
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"Soul Sundays" is such a beautiful way to start the week. It has inspired me and my kids to live our best lives and play our highest game by connecting to universal energies, through the support of Tracy L. Clark and her beautiful community.
Keiko KTLC Member for 3+ years
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"Hello Tracy and Team Tracy, I enjoyed the event over the weekend. As mentioned in the comment I left, I am glad my team arranged for me to attend this workshop. It was a surprise and I appreciated it. Though I had attended several in-person events, I found this online event more intimate in a strange way. Listening to the ladies during the Soul Seats was like sitting in on a personal session, providing deeper insights into their lives and personalities. Since I knew I could watch the recording later, I didn't feel pressured to write things down and could focus on the moment. It was also great to meet people from far away that we wouldn't have been able to meet otherwise. Thank you so much for this fulfilling experience. It was much appreciated. Love, Keiko xoxo"
AnnaMarie DiMeoTLC Member for 1+ years
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"My dearest Tracy, THANK YOU!!! I am writing this email on the evening of the completion of the first day of today's workshop. I have just taken my salt bath, sitting and recounting the events of today. I cannot thank you enough for pushing me, making me feel vulnerable in front of a big audience today - thank you for choosing ME! I realized that throughout my whole life, I was never accepted by those around me, so I fabricated a person that wanted to please everyone. I have continued that facade until I met you and joined TLC. Thank you for making me understand that I can be the real me, that person who loves people, who is caring, who loves GOD, who is empathetic to others, who has a voice, who wants to live by her truth. I have always had criticism from childhood into marriage because when I showed those beautiful qualities, they shunned me, criticized me with jokes, and demeaned me. Today, you made me realize that this community loves and doesn't judge, and I am so grateful to have experienced that love today. I lost my voice again today; at one point, I physically could not talk, and I didn't like the feeling. I chose to push forward and leave the fear behind. During my bath, I had a talk with GOD. I told him all my desires - huge, big dreams! It is the first time I was able to formulate the things that I wanted. I have never been able to do that, so this is a huge, massive step for me. And I also understood why I wanted all those things I desire, not just for me, but for hopefully to many others. AND I asked for the easy way! I started on a journey of self-growth and realization over 30 years ago, learning, reading, doing courses and workshops, different therapies, and modalities and meeting different teachers along the way. I thank them all for their participation and contribution to my growth and placing me where I am today. YOU, however, have been the most impactful in the shortest time. You, my dear Tracy, continue to trigger me, push me, teach me, making everything easy to understand and learn. The work is on me, I know that. It's all up to me. But I also know that I have YOU, the evolutionary group of beautiful souls, and the rest of the TLC community to support me, guide me, counsel me, accept me, praise me, and love me in a way that I have never experienced. That was evident today. Thank you for this and thank you for the most significant gift, sharing your love! I look forward to Day 2 of this amazing workshop! In complete gratitude to you, Tearing with joy and a heart full of love! AnnaMarie xoxoxo"
Jenn McLTLC Member for 7+ years
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"Someone was worried about the money they were going to spend on the workshop and a voice said to me in the workshop, this is priceless. Transformational seat is awesome, everyone got family breakthroughs and patterns going. So much love was there and we all resonated with same things. I cant wait for the replay."