Soul Sunday

April 25, 2021
10:00 am
- 11:30 am
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Soul Sunday

Soul Sunday

Soul Sunday is a non-denominational place of love and connection. Once a month we come together for not only a teaching but an energy shift. I say the God of your understanding because I believe as we grow and change you must honour where you are in your cycle of life. All donations go to our outreach fund.

Soul Sundays
Weekend Workshops

A big breakthrough!

"These events bring forward so much love and light and I am so thankful I found them!"
Jeni MTLC Member for 6+ months
Maine, USA


"Believing in the plan that God has for us on all levels and layers!!! It was so uplifting and encouraging. I got some major insights..."
Norm GTLC Member for 4+ years
Milton, Ontario

Soul Sunday always speaks to me

"...this series of Trust, Know, Believe really hit a climax today. It was as if Tracy L Clark was speaking directly to me and my partner."
Christine LTLC Member for 6+ months
London, Ontario
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I can't tell you how much has been transformed in my life!

"I almost ran away from the Transformational Weekend Event feeling familiar feelings of unworthiness, lack and loneliness.. I'm glad I didn't as the weekend literally transformed my life and is noticeably transforming the lives of those around me."
Christine LTLC Member for 1+ years
London, Ontario

Enormous shifts and healing

"I am blown away at your incredible capacity to hold space for everyone and make healing so beautiful and accessible."
Saima STLC Member for 6+ months

I have lost the desire to smoke!

" I have had thoughts that It may be a good idea to do plant medicine to help raise consciousness but changed my mind realizing that I have all I need within me"
Julia MTLC Member for 2+ years
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