Transformational Weekend

October 23, 2021
- October 24, 2021
10:00 am
- 4:00 pm
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Transformational Weekend

Are you ready to transform your life? Transformation comes from taking a bold action into expanding what you already know and letting go of what no longer serves you! This weekend is packed with energy activations and clearings. Soul seats where you will shift with others experiences and unlock new ways of showing up in your life. EVERYTHING is channelled from God. There are no scripts. Meaning we follow the groups energy to tackle information and energy around health, wealth, self love and most of your intuition and connection. You will receive a replay and all the clearings and activations we do throughout the weekend!

2021 has been a year that all will be remembered. It is a year where your patients will be tested, your truth will stand out and your are now preparing to live in your authentic body showing up how you want to NOT how you were programmed to! This is a very loving and non-judgemental space! Check out the testimonials below and come along for the greatest soul transformation journey you could ask for!


Much love, Rev. Tracy L


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Soul Sundays

Very intense, fulfilling experience

"I had attended several in-person weekend events before, but in a strange way, I found this online event more intimate and I felt like I was getting to know others better."
Keiko KTLC Member for 3+ years
Hamilton, Ontario

This is priceless

"Someone was worried about the money they were going to spend on the workshop and a voice said to me in the workshop, this is priceless. Transformational seat is awesome, everyone got family breakthroughs and patterns going. So much love was there and we all resonated with same things. I cant wait for the replay."
Jenn McLTLC Member for 7+ years
Ajax, Ontario

It was out of this world

" many shifts and insights ...I’m feeling tired but wired and so so thankful...Thank you for all that you are and all that you do"
Saskia DTLC Member for 3+ months
Stirling, UK

Soul Sunday is a win!

"And through the clearing during Soul Sunday I realized that I have been saying the words, but didn't fully understand what it mean to BE here, BE a BEE, and be pull in my birthright!"
Aarti MTLC Member for 4+ years
Toronto, Canada

You are a miracle in my life!

"Today I noticed that not only are those thoughts gone but they are out of reach (whereas I would usually have to continuously push them away.)"
Magdalena BTLC Member for 4+ years
Kitchener, Ontario

My neck and shoulder are healed!

"I have mobility with ease and will have a good sleep finally. THANK YOU! You fixed in our 3 min what my Osteo and Chiro in their 2 hour treatment could not..."
Karri HTLC Member for 6+ years
Toronto, Canada
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