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Weekend Life Workshop Event

January 23, 2021


January 24, 2021

10:00 am4:00 pm


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You demand the best!

Envision a life of transformation and change. A life where you are empowered and inspired. A life in which you succeed and thrive, not just survive!

This weekend you will find out why things are not moving in your life the way you desire. You will unlock new possibilities in your finances, your health, your intuition, but most of all your connection to the God of your understanding!

This weekend is for you...

if you are ready to unlearn and relearn new ideas to experience breakthroughs in your life now!

True transformation in life comes with action. This weekend is packed full of teachings, clearings, and energy alignments! Your questions will be answered and shifted!

You cannot endure this new earth alone! Meet amazing souls from around the world to help lift you up, and unlock the secrets within you that you had no idea were even there!!

It all comes down to choice and how high you desire to go with unlocking your peace within!

I cannot wait to see you in January. and hold on because so much will be unfolding until then!

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