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Are you ready to receive guidance and direction?

The TLC Evolutionary Academy Membership is for the soul who understands energy work, and for those that realize you are the creator of your life!

Think of this membership like a university or a master’s program but fun and will actually give you a clearer understanding of your life.

This is a live weekly community that allows you to actively share and take your health, wealth, and intuition to new heights. Tracy provides the group with weekly actionable steps, feedback, and direct guidance to help you shift along the way. There is a private telegram group that provides you with endless support as we push our boundaries and create new pathways allowing you to forge ahead without feeling scared, lost, or unsupported.

The TLC Evolutionary Academy Membership is not a program for someone who wants to sit back and do nothing. However, if you desire clarity, and wish to take actionable steps, and become the master of your health, wealth, and intuition and you desire more peace, love, and joy in your life. Plus you have an understanding of energy and how you can shift it and move it, then this program is clearly for you!

This group is designed for the person who truly wants to keep growing, changing, and embracing all of your skills and for those who are no longer satisfied with just letting life be the status quo.

If you are truly at a point to make yourself a priority at all costs, to be the captain of your life, then this membership is right for you. It’s time to take your spiritual and personal growth to new heights. Only you can decide if you are worth it!

Your life has a finite time- now make it the best you can!

Real-time energy updates, shifts, clearing exercises, replays, and support!

Aren’t you worth it?!


With this course, you will receive:

Learn about the Evolutionary Academy Mastermind Group from some of our members!

Have a High Performance Energy Coach in YOUR Corner!


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