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Most people do not realize their dreams because they are functioning from fear, not empowerment. Fear has gripped all of us at one time or another, but if you do not learn how to become uncomfortable, your dreams will always remain far away!

Stop hesitating! 
Are you ready to grab hold of your life?

Stop wasting time and allowing your stories to hold you back!

Are you ready to receive guidance and direction? Tired of feeling like a misfit, like no one gets you?

....Want my undivided attention?

Desire clearings, activations, and actionable steps you can implement now. Desire a new road map you can follow to create a new blueprint.

It is time you stop procrastinating and start living your dreams!

This program is not for the person who says they want to change and then sits back and does nothing.

I believe that we all need guidance. We all need a high-performance energy coach in our back pocket to push us past our limitations and stretch you out of your comfort zone.

I know being uncomfortable well. I sold my first company to a publicly-traded company at 26 years of age. I traveled and spoke to audiences of well over 500 about investing and self-improvement. I took knowledge from trading and investing and applied what I learned to set myself up in my current business with the finances to flow in other areas.

From sick and dying, I rose from the ashes, and I reclaimed my health, my love of self, connection to God, and I built a beautiful, loving relationship with an incredibly supportive man.

The key to this success is to be able to see where you need to push and where you need to back off. Where you need more time and where you are wasting your time.

Most people refuse to shift their life because of old patterns and old beliefs! I am going to teach you how to unlock the energy blocks and give you real actionable steps while you are in this program! If you want my full attention, you have it!

Only you can decide if you are worth it and tired of just talking about change! It will not be easy, but I promise it will be worth it!


Weekly Calls

Work directly with Tracy

Weekly Actionable Steps

It's time to build a solid foundation on which to live your life on your terms and empower yourself to become your own coach and guru.

With powerful activations, you awaken the dormant keys and DNA coding within your cells that will act to delete the programs that block you and hold you back.

With my support, you won’t fall back into self-doubt and second-guessing, unless you choose not to show up. You will gain the energy, the teachings, and the inner power to make the changes required to restore your body, soul, and spirit.

Have a High Performance Energy Coach in YOUR Corner!

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