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Most people do not realize their dreams because they are functioning from fear, not empowerment. Fear has gripped all of us at one time or another, but if you do not learn how to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, your dreams will always remain far away!

I know being uncomfortable well. I sold my first company to a publicly traded company at 26 years of age. I traveled extensively and spoke to audiences of well over 500 about investing and self-improvement. I took the knowledge I gained from trading and investing and applied what I learned to set myself up in my current business with the finances to flow in other areas.

In the Evolutionary Academy Mastermind Group, we work on creating a very strong foundation in your health and wealth to the hand of God to ensure you know how to navigate situations with ease and grace. Every week I share up-to-date detailed information with regards to crypto, silver, and gold from my direct sources so that you can be empowered. Together, we walk through the systems to help your knowledge base expand and give you the confidence to fully embrace your financial paradigm.

This is much, much more than a mastermind group. This is a smaller group of souls who are truly expanding in every area of their life. With weekly live calls and direct weekly access to Tracy L in a very detailed manner, you are supported every step of the way!


With this course, you will receive:

90-minute live weekly calls with prayers, blessings and activations

Weekly actionable steps, feedback and direct guidance from Rev. Tracy L Clark

Access to a Private Telegram Group with incredible support from other members

Video playback for all previous sessions

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Hi, I am Rev. Tracy L and I am your high performance energy coach! I help you release the blockages in your body and energetic field so you can start to live a life of ease and grace through transformation, love and connection. Embrace a life of thriving, not surviving!
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