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Hi, I am Tracy L

Thank you for downloading the fifth chapter of my book. What if God is inside us all? Your mind has been conditioned since your earliest beginnings. Through my story, you will learn how to break free from these limitations and tap into your inner wisdom. It’s a journey full of challenges that will help unlock fears while allowing you, the reader, to become more in tune with your body – trusting your intuition as an empowered leader on the path chosen only by you!

Your mind has been very controlled since the time you were born and continued to be through all the institutions that the parasitical energies have been leading. God Where are you? It’s Me! is a story of how I got through it, how I woke up, my challenges, and my journey, so you can understand the training ground I went through to get to where I am today. This story provides you with an understanding of how I can help you unlock your fears, understand how you can increase your intuition and connection to your body, help you become more sovereign, and for you to be able to continue to walk through your life as a leader. You are here to be the guru and master of your life, the one you are truly meant to live – Your relationship with the God of your understanding is yours and yours alone.

I show up and teach you, each and every day, how to make that relationship and connection stronger. You will see why I called it my training ground in the book, You aren’t meant to be a slave to the governing bodies, and the biggest fear that’s coming up from that parasitical energy is that you take back your power! Taking back your power and increasing your intuition is like using your muscles. It is a muscle you must use every day. It’s not something you can say an affirmation one time and forget about it. I learned that personally and I learned I needed to exercise this muscle every day, and it’s why I want to invite you to join me in the Bright Side Academy, my uncensored version of Patreon, where I give you channelled clearing video messages five days a week.

In the Bright Side Academy, you have a community of unlimited support and a private telegram group where I am constantly checking in and ensuring that members are aligned, supported, and uplifted. Each daily video addresses the current energy on the planet. If you are tired of feeling alone, afraid and unsure how to navigate the new earth, then the Bright Side Academy can help guide you through live channelled spirit messages. No other community provides live channelled messages, clearings and activations five days a week and even more. I hope you’ll come and join me because this Academy is all about YOU becoming empowered! The new earth needs you, the new earth needs you to show up in the power that you are.

If you don’t know how to remove the imprints and implants that are keeping you stuck and in fear. If you don’t get to the core, the root and seed of the dis-ease in your life and you find yourself asking what is she talking about, then the Bright Side Academy will provide you with the road map and blueprint! Between now and 2025 a lot will change as the old earth crumbles and the new emerges. How are you going to navigate it? YOU can’t sit back and wait for anyone else to fix your life! YOU are the leader of your life, YOU are the driving force and creator of your life. The more change you create in your life, the more change you will create for the people around you.

Thank you again for downloading Chapter 5 of my book “God Where Are You? It’s Me!”. I hope you enjoy the chapter Your Mind is a Virus, and I hope you will read the rest of the book so you understand why I’m here today, doing what I’m doing, working with people like you all over the world to create change and transformation. It’s time to make yourself a priority. Only you can decide how far you’re going to go and what your life is going to unfold – because your relationship with the God of your understanding is sacred to you. I will teach you how to go deeper. You just have to decide if you are ready: Follow me towards greater self-sovereignty & explore your connection with divinity like never before! JOIN THE BRIGHT SIDE ACADEMY NOW!

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