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31 Days of Prayer

About 31 Days of Prayer

Are you struggling with praying meaningfully? Have you avoided prayer because you worry you lack the right words? Are you longing to have a more intimate daily conversation with God but are stumped as to how how to go about it?

Here’s the help you need. If you are seeking to pray with right intention and purpose, you will cherish 31 Days of Prayer by Reverend Tracy L Clark. This guide is set up so you can choose a pray for each day of the month. Based on blessings previously shared with her community, Tracy offers specific prayers for certain situations.

In this book, the daily prayers fall into 10 categories including prayers to align your health with its optimal potential as well as prayers to restore and renew your spirit, to clear karmic timelines and living spaces, and prayers to help you live in courage, forgiveness, self-love and acceptance. In here are prayers to petition for help, to praise God, to strengthen your faith or to help you reflect on your relationship with the Divine.

You can pick a prayer at random, as you feel moved by Spirit, or follow the pathway laid out in the book. Anytime is a perfect time for prayer. At the start of the day, or right before you sleep Take this guide everywhere with you so that when you desire to have converse with God, you will have the words you need. This is an excellent resource for you and one to be gifted to friends and family who want to walk more closely with God.

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Watch the 31 Days of Prayer Launch Event!

Watch the replay of Rev Tracy L Clark’s 31 Days of Prayer book launch event in the Blog section of our TLC Free membership Site and learn how to use this excellent resource, as Rev Tracy L guides you through a prayer and aligns you to receive the blessings!

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