GOD Where Are You? It's Me!

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How do you radically transform?
With Radical Faith and Trust and by Tapping into The Divine Force Within
Are you in chronic pain? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, lack of self-worth and abundance? Did you feel you’ve been dealt a bad hand? Have you had it up to here and are just longing to soar to your highest potential? Do you want to go from ordinary to extraordinary?

Tracy knows all about radical transformation and miracles. She has put behind a life of chronic pain, starting from childhood and trauma and created her special Body Regen™ method. It’s not just to get rid of pain, it’s also to help you recognize unconscious programming that is blocking you. It empowers you to intentionally tap into the power of your mind to bring in the new and manifest the life you desire in partnership with the God Consciousness and the Universal Forces of Creation. Part life-story, part inspiration, Tracy talks about radical faith and gives you extraordinary tools that cannot be found anywhere else to help you shift your energy to gain mastery over your own life.

Reverend Tracy L. Clark, global speaker, healer, author, minister, has radically transformed her life. She was born with severe nerve problems which lasted till adulthood. Creator of the Body Regen™ Method, she helps others overcome blockages from unconscious programming to get rid of pain and to manifest miracles in through God Consciousness and the Universal Forces of Creation.
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Julie L

TLC Member for 8+ years

Amazing journey of healing- learn how to heal yourself!

"Rev Tracy L Clark guides you through her miraculous journey of healing and restoration. She expands your awareness, allowing you to shift your perspective... Tracy shows you simple steps and tools to release and let go of all that has held you back from unleashing the Superhuman within you" ...Read Julie L's Full Testimonial

Monica I.

TLC Book Club

"Omg amazing, Tracy's book club is helping me in so many different ways of living and thinking, un-programming all the fears that exist in my head I’m so great full thank you God. Being in the book club is healing my soul."

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