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How do you radically transform?
With Radical Faith and Trust and by Tapping into The Divine Force Within
Are you in chronic pain? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, lack of self-worth and abundance? Did you feel you’ve been dealt a bad hand? Have you had it up to here and are just longing to soar to your highest potential? Do you want to go from ordinary to extraordinary?

Tracy knows all about radical transformation and miracles. She has put behind a life of chronic pain, starting from childhood and trauma and created her special Body Regen™ method. It’s not just to get rid of pain, it’s also to help you recognize unconscious programming that is blocking you. It empowers you to intentionally tap into the power of your mind to bring in the new and manifest the life you desire in partnership with the God Consciousness and the Universal Forces of Creation. Part life-story, part inspiration, Tracy talks about radical faith and gives you extraordinary tools that cannot be found anywhere else to help you shift your energy to gain mastery over your own life.

Reverend Tracy L. Clark, global speaker, healer, author, minister, has radically transformed her life. She was born with severe nerve problems which lasted till adulthood. Creator of the Body Regen™ Method, she helps others overcome blockages from unconscious programming to get rid of pain and to manifest miracles in through God Consciousness and the Universal Forces of Creation.
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Lesley Jones

Verified Reader

Books like these need to be in schools and colleges

"God Where Are You! It's Me! by Tracy Clark has the capability to change lives if the reader totally immerses themselves in Tracy's message...The content of this guide will help anyone gain the courage to let go of their past and realize that they hold the power to change"

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Grace Masso

Verified Reader

it is like the author wrote it for me!

"While she shares interesting episodes about her life, she shows readers that transformation is possible, that they have tremendous power buried within them, a power that can move them to success. Readers will learn what it takes to deal with pain, to engineer miracles, and to enrich their lives by embracing a path of true inner healing."

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Meet Tracy L- An Energy Healer and Hyper Intuitive. As a direct channel of Spirit's message, it's through the sound and frequency of her voice that Tracy L creates massive shifts within people. Tracy L helps you release the blockages in your body and energetic field so you can start to live a life of ease and grace through transformation, love and connection!
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