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Welcome to the Body Regeneration Miraculous Academy - the ultimate insider access pass to empower yourself, transform your health, wealth, and connection to the God of your understanding

You will gain new perspectives on old issues, build healthy habits that enable you to make life-supporting decisions, and take the right action. This program keeps you focused, in the energy, and shifting at a very rapid pace.

Each month is divided into subsections:

1 week - Health
1 week - Finances
1 week - Intuition/Connection
1 week - wrap up of the month

The Friday of each week is an integration day.

Sometimes life will throw you a curveball. However, with the shifts, learnings, activations, and most of all support, you will be empowered when the chaos hits. You will stay calm and maintain clear vision and confidence through the storm.

Are you ready, are you dedicated?

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With this course, you will receive:
  • Exclusive access to clearings and activations not available anywhere else

  • New live shifting and clearing videos five days a week

  • Be first to receive current information on current energy transformations

  • No canned/ recycled emails. Each communication is current and relevant to the energies of today

  • Access to a private Telegram group where Tracy provides additional daily updates and support

  • Over 700 past clearings and activations

  • Live monthly 90-minute interactive group clearing call

  • Insider access to discounts, updates, products, and so much more!
"To be able to expand into the greatest version of you, you must be willing to do something different!"

- Rev Tracy L Clark

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Hi, I am Rev. Tracy L and I am your high performance energy coach! I help you release the blockages in your body and energetic field so you can start to live a life of ease and grace through transformation, love and connection. Embrace a life of thriving, not surviving!
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