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Welcome to a new journey of self-discovery and growth! This academy provides the resources you need to take charge of your health, wealth and intuition. Learn with others who share in this desire for increased energy work knowledge – together we can reach heights that would otherwise be impossible alone!
Join us as we dive deep into video clearings, activations, channelled messages and teachings; allowing our spirits and souls entrance into an enriching world full of potential - here's to transforming lives one step at a time! Let’s empower ourselves today towards becoming the best versions possible tomorrow!
Step into the Miraculous Academy with an open mind and heart, ready to gain skills that will provide you with a deeper understanding of life. With daily video clearings, activations & teachings, uncover transformational wisdom from your inner knowing and commence on your journey toward living out what was always meant for YOU! Take charge today by freeing yourself from fear-based decisions - rise up as you move through physical health issues or financial challenges like never before; recognize even greater success is within reach.

Step away from the endless cycle of stagnation and disconnection, and reach for something greater. Through The TLC Miraculous Academy, you can step into a new reality - one that’s filled with possibility! Accessible in bite-sized pieces, this revolutionary program will empower your journey of personal growth to take-off faster than ever before - all whilst navigating through life's challenges easier. So why wait any longer? Seize control of your future today: create an abundance mindset & manifest real results quickly. Now is the time to rise up; it's never been more possible or worthwhile to transform yourself... Be bolder, and brighter and unlock unparalleled success!
With this course, you will receive:
  • Guidance and supported every step of the way

  • Bite-size, real-time videos cover the area of health, wealth, & intuition - Monday to Friday.

  • Learn how to shift the energy, understand what emotions link to which physical issue, and why you have energy blocks in your health and wealth.

  • Learn what systems keep us locked in fear and dis-ease, and the tools you can use to break these patterns.

  • Learn to unlock your systems and manifest your dreams.

  • Be empowered to collapse and shift the energy around you, and inside of you.

  • Become your own guru and keep yourself and those you love moving in a healthy positive direction, running your life from support, love, and clarity.

  • Access to a membership portal with an abundance of clearings and activation videos that allows you to go back, rewatch and learn at your own pace.

  • Access to a private Telegram group where Tracy provides additional daily updates and support Telegram messages -Live monthly 90-minute interactive group clearing call

"To be able to expand into the greatest version of you, you must be willing to do something different!"

- Rev Tracy L Clark

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The best investment you'll ever make is in yourself!
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*When comparing the cost of 12 months of a monthly plan to the cost of an annual plan ($997.00) you'll save ($202.64) which equals the cost of 2 months from a monthly plan ($199.94).


Meet Tracy L- An Energy Healer and Hyper Intuitive. As a direct channel of Spirit's message, it's through the sound and frequency of her voice that Tracy L creates massive shifts within people. Tracy L helps you release the blockages in your body and energetic field so you can start to live a life of ease and grace through transformation, love and connection!
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