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If you are here you are well aware the world is in a spiritual battle between the dark and the light. 

However, the real spiritual battle is within. Every day you are faced with choices between the dark and the light. The question is do you know how to navigate that path?

Step into the future with grace and join our most revered Miraculous Academy Gold Level membership. As an esteemed follower of our TLC community, you’ve already seen the tip of the iceberg of what we offer. However, the journey toward enlightenment is picking up pace, akin to a child speeding down a snowy hill on a crazy carpet—exhilarating, rapid, and filled with wonders.


A taste of One Days Video In The Miraculous Academy
There is no topic we do not touch on

Key Features & Benefits

1. Exclusive Access to the Private Telegram Group: Engage in profound conversations and receive consistent support from a like-minded community and experts

2. Daily Inspirational Videos (Five Times per Week): Start every day empowered with new insights and wisdom that guide you towards a more peaceful life.

3. Monthly Live Group Call: Get personal time with Tracy L. Have your burning questions answered and your direction recalibrated for success.
4. Unrestricted Library Access: Dive deep into a treasure trove of resources with over 800 past videos and premium audio clearings.
5. Special Member Discounts: Enjoy reduced rates on events, merchandise, and future courses — adding value back into your pocket.
6. Now, as we stand at the precipice of a world in flux, and with costs rising all around us, the Miraculous Academy is evolving to maintain the unparalleled quality and support you deserve. Our monthly subscription is set to increase to $247.97.
But there’s good news!
Enroll now at the current rate of $97.00 a month, and not only do you lock in this price, but you also get automatically upgraded to the Gold Level.
That’s right—you will be grandfathered into a world of deeper understanding and miraculous changes without the accompanying increase in investment.

The Gold Level is your fast pass to mastering the art of tapping into your subconscious—imagine processing lessons and growth even in your sleep, bypassing layers of thought that often hold you back.
Don’t let the impending changes catch you off guard. Utilize this moment to elevate yourself. The puzzling times that lay ahead are filled with promise, aiming to restore a life of serenity that you hold within.
We can’t stop the waves of transformation on the horizon, but together, we can learn to surf them with expert ease.
Become your inner guru. Ascend to the Gold Level of the Miraculous Academy today, and harness the miracles waiting to unfold in your life.
Join the Miraculous Academy Gold Level Today

Please note that this offer is time-sensitive and terms are subject to change.

To access the program in Canadian Funds please email or to speak to the office.

To be able to expand into the greatest version of you, you must be willing to do something different!

Have a High Performance Energy Coach in your corner!

Learn about the Miraculous Academy from some of our members!

The best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself!

*Get (3) Months Free when you choose an Annual Plan! 

You can cancel at any time.

$ 149
USD Monthly
$ 1297
USD Annually