Body Regeneration Method

Body Regeneration Class

Learn how to speak to your body, understand why issues show up, how to back them out and how to do it on the fly! Energy work is the future with all that is unfolding so become empowered and start to embrace the life you want when others are being left behind! The secrets no one talks about!
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Soul Sundays

Soul Sunday is a non-denominational place of love and connection. Once a month we come together for not only a teaching but an energy shift. I say the God of your understanding because I believe as we grow and change you must honor where you are in your cycle of life. All donations go to our outreach fund.
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Transformational Weekend Event February 19th to 20th 2022

Weekend Events

Tracy's weekend events are held twice a year. 2 full days of channeling and clearing plus replay!
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Monthly Mentorships

When you are ready for regular support and learning to keep you on track in life! Daily updates, clearings activations and current energy shifts and activities. Tracy is VERY active throughout the week in both of these programs!

Miraculous Academy

For those who want to be part of a bigger community and to become empowered! 

Enrolling in this program gets you seven day a week videos, uploads over 600 past clearings and activations, teachings and current event updates, monthly calls and more.
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Evolutionary Academy Mastermind Group

For those who want Tracy's personal attention. 

We meet for 90 minutes a week focus on creating your new reality and pushing you to take the action steps you require while removing the energy!
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Join us for our 7th Annual Christmas Giveback event & 31 days of Prayer and Affirmations Book Launch on December 2nd, 7pm EST!

31 Days of Prayer is out now!

Are you struggling with praying meaningfully? Have you avoided prayer because you worry you lack the right words? Are you longing to have a more intimate daily conversation with God but are stumped as to how how to go about it? Here's the help you need.


If you are seeking to pray with right intention and purpose, you will cherish 31 Days of Prayer by Reverend Tracy L Clark. This guide is set up so you can choose a pray for each day of the month. Based on blessings previously shared with her community, Tracy offers specific prayers for certain situations.


What TLC members are saying...

My Book

There’s power in the prayers

"Reading the prayers has left me frozen literally from spirit anointed power blessings!! I feel grounded and blissful! "
VassVerified Reader

Things have changed MASSIVELY for me!

"I have experienced dramatic shifts in how my body operates. I've been able to drop old programming and dig REALLY deeply into patterns that I haven't ever been able to do."
Chelsea S.J.TLC Member for 4+ years
Toronto, Canada
1 2 3 26

I'm still on a high!

"What an incredible weekend.. I’m still on a high!"
Saskia DTLC Member for 1+ years

Very intense, fulfilling experience

"I had attended several in-person weekend events before, but in a strange way, I found this online event more intimate and I felt like I was getting to know others better."
Keiko KTLC Member for 3+ years
Hamilton, Ontario

Soul Sunday is a win!

"And through the clearing during Soul Sunday I realized that I have been saying the words, but didn't fully understand what it mean to BE here, BE a BEE, and be pull in my birthright!"
Aarti MTLC Member for 4+ years
Toronto, Canada
1 2 3 4

I Showed Up For Myself At All Cost!

"...the “bad cells” showed up.  This was totally unexpected and caught me off guard.  Tracy and her Community were very supportive and stood by me throughout the process.  Tracy directed me via an integrated approach, with no judgements, and explained to me exactly how and why this showed up in my life."
Jenn MTLC Member for 7+ years
Ontario, Canada

From incurable to cured, Healed from Schamberg’s Disease!

" ...diagnosed as Schamberg's Disease. The doctor told me that there was no cure and that it would spread and could show up anywhere on my body...I was adamant and decided I'M NOT ACCEPTING THAT!!! I connected to God and used the Body Regeneration techniques...It has been four years now and it has not come back at all. Thank you God, Thank you Tracy!!!
Elizabeth STLC Member for 5+ years
Stratford, Ontario

Paying it Forward

"I work with a 4-year-old boy who has challenging behaviour and is very violent towards his classmates and teachers. Since I have been there, I have been able to do Body Regen on him and myself to align us to each other and the teachers, who have known him since he started school. They have noticed a massive difference in his behaviour and, the main thing for me, his happiness."
BethanTLC Member for 2+ years
Wales, UK
1 2 3 4

The best way to make big shifts with ease!

"...just couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the next one!!"
A.D.Verified Reader

This book will INSPIRE you!

If you have given up and feel there is no will find answers and HOPE here. Tracy L Clark shares with you the tools and the steps on how to make it happen.
Elizabeth ScneiderVerified Reader

Books like these need to be in schools and colleges

"God Where Are You! It's Me! by Tracy Clark has the capability to change lives if the reader totally immerses themselves in Tracy's message...The content of this guide will help anyone gain the courage to let go of their past and realize that they hold the power to change"
Lesley JonesVerified Reader

Are You Ready for Change?

Do not wait for a crisis to hit, the time to change is now.
Rev Tracy L hugs a member of her community

Additional Services

Tracy also offers private six-month and year-long coaching, Emergency Sessions or Need it Now sessions for those who require more of a personal touch!
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Everything is energy. The more you surround yourself with it, the more you apply and transform!
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The Ultimate VIP Clearing and Activation Package has been designed to not only provide with you with teachings, but activations and energy shifts. As you follow along, you will clearly understand a few simple tools you can use now in your every day life to create the change you desire. Change comes when you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and into something that is unfamiliar!
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Hi, I am Rev. Tracy L and I am your high performance energy coach! I help you release the blockages in your body and energetic field so you can start to live a life of ease and grace through transformation, love and connection. Embrace a life of thriving, not surviving!
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