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My Book

All that I envision coming to fruition

"This year has been soooo amazing for manifestations!! I am seeing all that I envision coming to fruition and on top of it I feel so grounded..."
Teresa VLTLC Member for 1+ years

Major cool energy is showing up already!

"... I can't wait to see many more miracles in my life that I feel are getting so much closer each moment..."
Diane BabcockNew TLC Member
1 2 3 76

I can't tell you how much has been transformed in my life!

"I almost ran away from the Transformational Weekend Event feeling familiar feelings of unworthiness, lack and loneliness.. I'm glad I didn't as the weekend literally transformed my life and is noticeably transforming the lives of those around me."
Christine LTLC Member for 1+ years
London, Ontario

Enormous shifts and healing

"I am blown away at your incredible capacity to hold space for everyone and make healing so beautiful and accessible."
Saima STLC Member for 6+ months

I have lost the desire to smoke!

" I have had thoughts that It may be a good idea to do plant medicine to help raise consciousness but changed my mind realizing that I have all I need within me"
Julia MTLC Member for 2+ years
1 2 3 16

I Showed Up For Myself At All Cost!

"...the “bad cells” showed up.  This was totally unexpected and caught me off guard.  Tracy and her Community were very supportive and stood by me throughout the process.  Tracy directed me via an integrated approach, with no judgements, and explained to me exactly how and why this showed up in my life."
Jenn MTLC Member for 7+ years
Ontario, Canada

My Life is Truly Unrecognizable!

"Since working with Tracy, and clearing and cleaning out old patterns, thought forms, belief systems, and so much more, today I am physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fit...My levels of fears have drastically diminished, and my ability to see who I am and who I choose to be has changed; I truly love who I am and who I am growing up to be."
Tara MooreTLC Member for over 2+ years
Austin, Texas

From incurable to cured, Healed from Schamberg’s Disease!

" ...diagnosed as Schamberg's Disease. The doctor told me that there was no cure and that it would spread and could show up anywhere on my body...I was adamant and decided I'M NOT ACCEPTING THAT!!! I connected to God and used the Body Regeneration techniques...It has been four years now and it has not come back at all. Thank you God, Thank you Tracy!!!
Elizabeth STLC Member for 5+ years
Stratford, Ontario
1 2 3 14

The best way to make big shifts with ease!

"...just couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the next one!!"
A.D.Verified Reader

This book is a blessing

""This book is full of life stories, experiences, and insight, to keep you on your path, lift you up and make real shifts."
Amazon CustomerVerified Reader

Incredibly important life-changing work

"...how the human spirit can move us through traumas to a beautiful world of growth, wisdom, and resilience."
Julia SenVerified Reader
1 2 3 6

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