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Body Regeneration Intimacy Class

The combo pack gives you exclusive access to all three Body Regeneration Method Modules!



This class is designed to empower you to understand why you show up a certain way in relationships. Also, to help you understand how the power of intimacy can be used to create and manifest!

Unlock the judgements and shame!
Everything is energy



Each class is done in bite size pieces so you can learn and grow and become more empowered in your body soul and spirit!


Live Q and A
We will be diving into the program and lack of that we have received around intimacy. Why you act a certain way, why it is hard to open up with self and others.

These programs stem from your parents, religious, and world programming and even deeper

Unplug from the definitions of sex and intimacy
Starting Sept 7th For 4 weeks

Class Dates:

Sept 7
Sept 14
Sept 21
Sept 28


90 min each class
Replay Available