Feb 19/20th Transformational Weekend Event Online E-Course


Are you ready to transform your life? Transformation comes from taking a bold action into expanding what you already know and letting go of what no longer serves you!


I hope you are ready to Reset your life! There is a lot of amazing content, shifts and alignments to go through! Please rewatch many times to take in as much information as you can. Every time you listen something else will appear in your system to go!
With this course you will receive 12 hours of activations and clearings! Nothing in these events are scripted so you can be assured you will get exactly what you require.
Enjoy the shifts, teachings, and learnings for your health, your wealth, and your great connection to the God of your UNDERSTANDING!
Hi, I am Rev. Tracy L and I am your high performance energy coach! I help you release the blockages in your body and energetic field so you can start to live a life of ease and grace through transformation, love and connection. Embrace a life of thriving, not surviving!
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