Financial Audio Clearing



Welcome to my ten-minute audio clearing to create a new relationship with your money

You cannot go to the gym one time and have a six-pack. Building a new relationship with your wealth is the same. You need to reprogram your patterns and your subconscious.

This 10-minute audio will help you start to do just that. Listen to it in the am before you get out of bed and in the pm right as you are falling asleep. Allow the body to relax and feel the energy go through your body. Then as you go about your day notice what you notice. However, be prepared if you have bad habits or people draining your income or patterns that you need to break they will come up. They will not be comfortable but they will come up so you can release them and let them go. To build a new foundation, you must let go of the old. So, do not get frustrated or upset bless the situation for showing up so you can create more with spirit and allow more financial flow into your life. You must be an active participant and this is a great way to get started to rewrite your programs!!

Enjoy and may you be blessed into supernatural overflow!

Lots of love

Tracy L

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