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Three Question Read it Now Session

PLEASE NOTE: This reading is for THREE SPECIFIC questions.
Please provide three specific questions for Tracy to work on.
Should more than three questions be submitted Tracy will only work on the first three questions.

Readings are available for viewing for 90 days.

Thank you and Many Blessings!


Looking for immediate assistance with Tracy? Book a Need it Now session and receive a personalized shift within 5-7 business day



A personal reading from Tracy L Clark? Get it now! This “Read It Now” option offers you a personal reading by Tracy L for THREE questions. This reading and energetic shift will be for three questions only and will be completed within 5-7 business days. Sign up now to get immediate answers to your most pressing questions!


I absolutely loved my Read It Now with Tracy!
She was spot on about everything and provided phenomenal tools and info. Not only was it fun to watch the video of my reading but the shifts that I received were amazing. I am feeling so inspired and motivated now, not to mention my knee and back are feeling a big improvement too.
Can’t wait to be ready for my next read.
Mila K”

“I just did my 1st ever Read It Now with Tracy. As always BANG ON truly connected to God consciousness exactly what I needed to hear. But on top of that I also got huge shits and tools to help me attain my highest potential.
I love Tracy and I am so grateful to God Universe directing her into my life.
If you want answers along with a shift to move out stuck energies book your reading ASAP don’t hesitate you will get results.
Much love ❤️
Laura aka Luminous Living w Laura Lee”

“Tracy is absolutely incredible. I loved my reading and the messages I
received. I’ve been watching it over and over again. The read it now
was such a fun and beautiful experience and the shifts are so
powerful. Thank You for moving what doesn’t serve me and opening me up
for the blessings ready to unfold.
Tracy not only helped me change my perspective but also look to my
future with excitement. Miracles and blessings have just been pouring
in and my life is changing at light speed. Thank You so much Tracy. I
thank God for sending me such a beautiful, powerful and loving mentor.
Grizzel R”

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