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TLC Body Regeneration Card Deck



The Body Regeneration Method Energy Card Deck Will not only help you answer your questions but SHIFT THE ENERGY. Enjoy a free video membership plus a few yearly calls included to help answer your questions!! You will increase your intuition naturally the more you use them! They are simple yet powerful tools which can easily be integrated with other energy work practices, or used as standalone method – bringing greater awareness and energetic shifts in your everyday life. Unleash and amplify your ultimate potential now; because YOU have the power! buy your deck now and unleash your own inner master!


“I knew these were powerful when I felt the need to carry them around for 3 days before even OPENING them! Once I felt aligned, I pulled 3 for myself and they were bang on what I was working through at the time. I used them for 2 clients doing deep inner work, and it completely matched how I was following the energy of their main ‘asks.’ Plus, it added a lot of validation and curiosity for them too! Can’t wait to learn more about them and integrate them more into my work and for myself too!”

  • Chelsea

“Received my card deck this morning and just played with them. All I can say is aaamaaazing! So spot on and powerful. Placed them on my body where needed and felt like spirit was talking to me directly through you Tracy when I looked up each card on the membership!”

  • Courtney W

“Hi All! Just wanted to share a testimonial on Tracy’s new Body Regeneration cards! Just picked mine up today and I can’t even describe how incredible these are. I’ve been working with tarot and oracles for years and i’m half and half with using them like I used to. But these cards are like no other!! The power, accuracy and quick to the point messages directed from God are like no other cards I’ve ever used! There is no wonder or question on if there are any interferences or wrong energies guiding the answers…just pure God Light answers!! And so easy to shuffle and use with my small hands lol!!!Thank you so so much Tracy for creating these beautiful tools you have been gifted to create!! So many will. benefit from these!! Can’t wait to play with these more with others!!”

  • Dori M

“I was unsure of how to use the Body Regen Cards, so Tracy guided me to pull a card for a client (whoever popped in my mind). I pulled a card that was EXACTLY what I knew was going on for them. I was able to remotely view their energy field, and with Tracy’s support, and the card as a catalyst, use Body Regen tools to see what needed to be moved and shifted energetically.
That day, my client let me know they felt a shift and it continued into the days following. It even allowed them to do something they hadn’t done since the last time we had worked together! – all because of using ONE Body Regen card and Body Regen tools to shift the energy -without even seeing or speaking to this client at the time! Incredible!

  • Chelsea S

“Hi, Just wanted to write this review for these amazing cards.

The Body Regeneration Method energy shifting cards are mind blowing! I have never felt such powerful cards before as I could instantly feel the energy moving through my body and shifting as I aligned each card to my being. There are no other cards like this on the market as they not only provide you insight like Tarot and Angel cards but they actually go a step further and shift your energy. These divinely created cards are a next level energetic tool that will undoubtedly change your life!!

  • 💗Christie”