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TLC Trust Know Believe T-Shirt


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Inspirational Casual Short Sleeve Tee’s- T Shirt features round neck, short sleeve, inspirational sayings, soft and flattering. keeps you comfortable, while remaining effortlessly put together.

Ideal shirt to wear while spreading inspirational message of love, miracles, gratitude, prosperity and happiness.

A Great Gift For yourself or for family and friends!

The mantra of the Tracy L and her definition of faith, wear it close to your heart and allow the energy to infuse your body!

Trust – Trust you need to take a leap of faith even when everyone around you has a different opinion! Listening to what is inside of you, your instinct and intuition – at all costs. Trusting that what you are doing is divinely guided and will work out .

Know – Knowing is really understanding that you are unshakeable. You may not be able to explain why you are doing something to someone else you just feel it in your bones it is the right thing to do.

Believe – Believing without a shadow of a doubt. This is the area you go deep and believe there are many areas of life unfolding that you may not be able to see at the moment or explain. The timing becomes unimportant…everything is divine!

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