Unleash The Forgiveness Within - Audio Clearing



So often the body will hold and store information around anger and frustration years after an event has happened. What many do not realize is that situations that unfold in your life leave an imprint in the system and it can become buried in the body for years.This audio clearing will give you a whole new perspective on forgiveness

This energy can create sickness, illness and disease in the physical body. Before you came to earth school you made agreements and contracts with people to help you unfold your lessons while here. When you come down to earth you then forget what they are. People will be here to challenge you until you learn boundaries and strength within yourself. This audio and activation is designed to help you revisit the energy before you came to earth school and open a release in the body to let go and forgive the people, places and things that you felt wronged you in any way. It is when we come to unconditional forgiveness that real release happens in the body. This is also where illness and disease can start to release out of the body. The words are chosen very carefully to activate the release out of the system.

Hi, I am Rev. Tracy L and I am your high performance energy coach! I help you release the blockages in your body and energetic field so you can start to live a life of ease and grace through transformation, love and connection. Embrace a life of thriving, not surviving!
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