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Soul Sunday Membership Series

About the Soul Sunday Membership Series

The Soul Sunday package is made up of four 90 minute sessions of clearings, activations, and teachings. The more you watch the more you will shift on a deep subconscious level. Each event has been channeled -meaning there are no notes. The event is the message that was to be delivered for that day. These classes will allow you to feel a deep connection with the God of your understanding and break old patterns around your Trust with spirit. They will uplift you, and start to create new openings with your spirit and your soul to remember why you are here on the planet. If you listen to each class with a clear intention of what you desire to shift, spirit will hear your message. Remember you are the guru of you. You are the master of your own life. When you start to harness that energy you can start to break old patterns and create miracles even during what seem to be the darkest times. Staying connected and doing your inner work is the most important journey you could ever embark on. Enjoy these four 90 minute classes and the more you listen the more you will shift. It’s time to harness your gifts and live on your terms no one else’s!

Much love Rev Tracy L

Plus, do not forget we have a new Soul Sunday every month to continue to help you grow and align to the God of your understanding! Make sure to check out the next event!