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Aarti M's Testimonial

Soul Sunday is a win!

Aarti M

TLC Member for 4+ years
“OMG, can attending Soul Sunday be a win??? Coz it feels like it! I’ve been feeling despair around not being seen and feeling like “no one can find me”, when it comes to work, friendships and relationships. And through the clearing during Soul Sunday I realized that I have been saying the words, but didn’t fully understand what it mean to BE here, BE a BEE, and be pull in my birthright! I keep ‘waiting for the Universe’ to bring me things I want. And I felt and knew so clearly that the Universe is waiting for me. SO SO SO EXCITED!!! It’s actually so thrilling, I forgot why I’ve been so sad about this all this time. Ah-mazzzing!! Thank you Tracy Clark!! PS: I love the extra celebration surprise for you and for everyone around!!!

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