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Angela G's Testimonial

I thank God every day!

Angela G

TLC Member for 3+ yrs
I was introduced to Tracy almost 3 years ago and resonated on a level I had not felt before. I knew how powerful and connected she was when in one sentence she unpackaged the heaviness I felt whenever I heard the word “God”. For decades I could not even say the word in an instant all the weight lifted. Over the years I have been blessed and gifted so much from this incredibly generous woman. In the beginning I didn’t feel worthy, as I have never been shown so much genuine, authentic, unconditional love. Now 3 years later, so much has changed in my life: my relationships, my financial picture, my self-worth, my home. I am discovering my gifts and feeling so empowered in my life. I absolutely love all the tools to use in the moment, the support, and the incredible TLC community, there is always someone there to lift you up when you need it, to celebrate your wins and help shift your perspective. I am so excited to see what continues to unfold on this journey together, I know it is filled with the biggest miracles and blessings, and I thank God everyday! Thank you, Angela