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AnnaMarie DiMeo's Testimonial

Tearing With Joy And A Heart Full Of Love!

AnnaMarie DiMeo

TLC Member for 1+ years
“My dearest Tracy

 THANK YOU!!! I am writing this email the evening of the completion of the 1st day of today’s workshop. I have just taken my salt bath, sitting and recounting the events of today. I can’t thank you enough for pushing me, making me feel vulnerable in front of a big audience today – thank you for choosing ME! I realized that my whole life I was never accepted by those around me so I fabricated this person that wanted to please everyone. I have continued that façade until I met you and joined TLC. Thank you 
for making me understand that I can be the REAL ME, that person who loves people, who is caring, who loves GOD, who is empathetic to others, who has a voice, who wants to live by her TRUTH. I have always had criticism from childhood into marriage that when I show those beautiful qualities, they shun me, criticize with jokes and demean me. Today 
you made me realize that this community loves and doesn’t judge and I am so grateful to have experienced that love today. I lost my voice again today, I physically at one point could not talk and I didn’t like the feeling. I choose to push forward and leave the fear behind. 

I had a talk with GOD during my bath. I told him all my desires – huge big dreams! It is the first time that I was able to formulate the things that I wanted. I have never been able to do that so this is a huge massive step for me. And I also understood why I wanted all those things I desire not just for me but for hopefully many others. AND I asked for the easy

 I started on a journey of self growth and realization over 30 years ago, learning, reading, doing courses and workshops, different therapies and modalities and meeting different teachers along the way. I thank them all for their participation and contribution in my growth and placing me where I am today. YOU, however, have been the most impactful in the shortest time. You, my dear Tracy, continue to trigger me, push me, teach me,
making everything easy to understand and learn. The work is on me, I know that. It’s all up to me. But I also know that I have YOU, the evolutionary group of beautiful souls and the rest of the TLC
community to support me, guide me, counsel me, accept me, praise me and love me in a way that I have never experienced. That was evident today. Thank you for this and thank you for the biggest gift, sharing your love!

 I look forward to Day 2 of this amazing workshop!

 In complete gratitude to you
Tearing with joy and a heart full of love!