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Audrey D.

TLC Member since 2014

"I've Never Felt More Connected to my Soul."

Full Testimonial:

hey everyone hey tracy um so i really wanted to do this for you um you mean so much to me and you've done so much in my life and um and i wanted to give back to let the community know just how much you've done for me so i met you probably about six years ago and i was at a point in my life where everything was going sideways career-wise i was i was being sucked into a job where it wasn't fulfilling my soul relationship-wise i was being cheated on i was at the height of my panic and my anxiety and my depression and it just felt like i was in a tail spin completely clueless with who i was where i was supposed to go and i was going through all these different modalities of healing um through yoga other spiritual healers um i couldn't find myself in the religion that i was brought up in i was i was i was raised catholic and um i was eating clean eating organic doing yoga exercising three four times a week i opened i even opened up three boot camps on top of my corporate job because i felt like that was going to help serve people and all of that just kind of took away from who i was and i actually lost myself even more and so when i was introduced to you tracy um that was the point in my life that i was that i that i found you and when i did um i was instantly instantly connected because through your words and through your energy i was able to realize that everything that was in my life was was just kind of external i wasn't looking inside of myself and i was not connecting to the god of my understanding so even though i grew up religious i grew up catholic it didn't resonate with me but i knew there was a god and um i just want to thank you for that because it's it's changed the trajectory of my life it's changed my path and i've never felt more connected to my soul and my soul's purpose ever because through you i've had to unlearn everything that i was programmed to believe to then find myself again to really put myself on my path on my soul's path for why i'm here and how i can help people and i just want to thank you for that and it's the reason why i'm still here with you today it's the reason why i'm so active in the community and it's the reason why um i'm i i want to help you as much as i can with with building your business and getting your message out there because um never have i ever had to face so much truth whether it was easier whether it was hard and then push through it to to make sure that i was staying on the path of my soul's purpose and i just want to say tracy thank you i love you i've never met anyone like you who could who could shake up my world so much with so little effort and it's just because you you are that good of um of i don't even want to say healer because it's it's not even you just wait you woke me up that's what it was you woke me up to who i really was and then i had to work through that and even though it wasn't easy because i was able to have you and the community to support me it became way more bearable and it made me stronger and made me who i am today and it's it's that momentum and that kind of support um behind me that allows me to do what i do today and allows me to continue on with my purpose and i just see things so clearly now because i'm connected here now i'm connected inside i'm not connected outside anymore i'm connected inside and i learned that from you so thank you i love you so much tracy and um you know blessings on blessings thank you i will always be here for you the way you were here for me i love you

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