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Bethan's Testimonial

Paying it Forward


TLC Member for 2+ years
“Hi Tracy, 
Where do I start? 

Tracy has changed our lives, and I can’t wait to change others. Mat and I have been on the Miraculous Academy Partnership programme and Body Regen 1 and 2. Every day, you get videos that you don’t ever think would relate to your day, and then BAM, you understand. I have always been worried about everything, and would question why things happen and what the outcome would be if I did something differently. Tracy firstly helps you to focus on you, which I had forgotten; I would always focus on making others happy, and forget about my own happiness and wellbeing. 

So as a child, I came from a broken home, and my dad chose not to make an effort to see me. I was also constantly compared to my cousin (who was in my class) by teachers and family, and out of 7 cousins, I was the only one not to go on to university. Instead, I went into the catering industry and threw myself into training to join the Royal Navy as a chef. I fell for a friend whom I had met on a cadet course, and we were together for nearly 5 years, and we were planning a future with children in the picture. I gave up my career plan so he could join as a submariner. One day, he told me that he had been cheating on me for over a year and had got a girl pregnant. After this, I threw myself back into work as a chef in training, doing 90+ hrs a week. I sustained an injury which took the doctors and consultants over a year to diagnose, and then another year to get an operation to confirm that I had ruptured the ligaments in my foot, and that I had chipped bones. I hobbled around on crutches and painkillers for a year while holding a full time job, and was told that it may be able to be fixed but would cost me by having over 6 months off work, which I couldn’t afford. 
 I met Mat, who is my soul mate and my best friend, when I was going through all of this, and we were introduced to Tracy and the TLC Community. I was taught to do work on my body to heal the damage. And to be honest, at first, I was very sceptical; and because I was, I didn’t see a difference, so I made a jump to Trust, Know, and Believe that I could fix it myself using the tools that Tracy had given me, and over time I was able to walk further, run faster, and hop, skip, and jump! And that has turned my life around! Without this, I couldn’t go to work with children as a Teaching Assistant. Now, I work with a 4-year-old boy who has challenging behaviour and is very violent towards his classmates and teachers. Since I have been there, I have been able to do Body Regen on him and myself to align us to each other and the teachers, who have known him since he started school. They have noticed a massive difference in his behaviour and, the main thing for me, his happiness. I wouldn’t have noticed my real dreams until I met Tracy; she has opened my heart up for a mass of opportunity, and I can’t wait for everything to come our way!

 Thank you, Tracy, for your amazing work.
 Thank you, God x3. 
Even better x3. 

Love, Bethan”