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Chelsea S.J.'s Testimonial

Things have changed MASSIVELY for me!

Chelsea S.J.

TLC Member for 4+ years
“Tracy has a way of imparting information with love, peace, humility and FUN. I took her Body Regeneration program years ago, and have been applying the tools and information from the training to make shifts in my own life. However, since taking the new version this year, things have changed MASSIVELY for me. The way I work with clients has changed. I can align and adjust things in their field virtually, even via ‘text’ and they can feel the lightness and shift IMMEDIATELY! In my own life, I have experienced dramatic shifts in how my body operates. I’ve been able to drop old programming and dig REALLY deeply into patterns that I haven’t ever been able to do. It’s truly an ‘UP-LEVELED’ experience. Tracy’s humility and connection to God/Source is UNPARALLELED. I truly have yet to find someone who is more giving, heart-centered, authentic, kind and connected than Tracy. She never stops pushing herself past her comfort zone, and it’s the main reason why I continue to do so too – because I know I have a guide on this journey who matches what I want for myself.”