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Chelsea's Testimonial

Financial wins since the finance class!


TLC Member for 4+ years
“Some financial wins since the finance class… 1. Aunt and uncle offered up their Place to stay rent free for 2-4 months (which gives me the chance to stay home as caregiver for that time and reassess work situation). 2. Equipment bought for me (which was prohibitively expensive for me) 3. Dad gifted us money (enough to cover debt and our first and last rent for wherever we go next. And enough to visit him in Florida this year likely too ) 4. Grandma gave me money (enough to cover our storage unit ) 5. Reserved a storage unit which was the last one and in an ideal location and was $50 cheaper than others and was gifted the promotion for a free month even though technically wasn’t eligible. Plus the woman who helped us reminded both my husband and I of my mom (which we independently felt). 6. Daughters Christmas gift was a bit out of range but it ended up going on sale for 40% off!!! Grateful for the huge shifts and expecting even more ! Thank you God! Thank you Tracy for such an amazing class. I think it worked lol

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