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Christine L's Testimonial

I can’t tell you how much has been transformed in my life!

Christine L

TLC Member for 1+ years
“I’m finding it difficult to write a testimonial to express my gratitude for Tracy and the TLC community. I joined the community less than a year ago and can’t tell you how much has been transformed in my life. On the surface people say to me. ” Wow, I can’t believe how you manage. Your life is crazy”. But I no longer see it that way. I see it as a series of lessons that I have learned or that I am learning. Tracy has helped me to reframe my thought patterns. I had started to dabble in energy work but was still not totally believing in it until relatively recently. I was stuck in old belief systems and paradigms that I didn’t even realize were untrue. I was attracting lack and dysfunctional relationships into my life through my own behaviours and thought patterns. I joined the Miraculous Academy and I do the videos every morning and prayers and clearing every night. I am using more of the Body Regen tools that Tracy teaches very regularly- many times a day. I connect to God and when I’m in a rough patch I try to stop myself from reacting to the situation, pause-connect- and ask for help. I realize that this is a journey and not without doubt and dark days. In fact, I almost ran away from the Transformational Weekend Event feeling familiar feelings of unworthiness, lack and loneliness.. I’m glad I didn’t as the weekend literally transformed my life and is noticeably transforming the lives of those around me. I showed up late to the first day due to technical difficulties and felt good at the end of the day. The next day Tracy selected me for a Soul Seat and that’s when things really took off. Little did I know that I had been operating from a place of not really knowing what love was or what it looked like. Tracy and the whole group helped to shift this for me and that love can be easy and reciprocal. I haven’t felt lonely since that weekend. It has not even occurred to me to feel that way. I used to be hard on myself for the end of my marriage and then another long-term relationship and how it would affect my kids. I now realize that they are along with me for the journey and we are learning and growing together. Thank you Tracy, Team Tracy and the TLC community.” Christine

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