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Doris M's Testimonial

The healing they impart into the body is incredible!

Doris M

TLC Member for 6+ years
“I’m so very thankful for the Body Regeneration card deck!! I’ve been using tarot and oracles with my energy work for 5-6 years now and I am truly amazed at this deck!! I’ve been finding that the messages from my traditional cards can be vague and misleading at times, but the minute I aligned myself the the body regen cards I immediately felt at one with the cards and they gave me the MOST accurate answers!! It was truly messages for God/universe itself! Remarkable!! After I connected to each card one by one, listening to each video meaning, I found these cards were connecting to me as one…as if they were a part of me and they speak to me so clearly!! They are like nothing I’ve used before, and I have maybe 20 other card decks!! Not only do they give clear messages, the healing they impart into the body is incredible and they work so well with my energy healing of myself and others I work with! I’m so so very grateful for Tracy and her listening to create such an incredible card deck!! Hope there will be more in the future!! Much love, Doris Markos”