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Elizabeth S's Testimonial

From incurable to cured, Healed from Schamberg’s Disease!

Elizabeth S

TLC Member for 5+ years
“I had a condition at the bottom of my leg. It was always very inflamed, crimson red and extremely painful. I had gone to the doctor many times over a two-year period. It wouldn’t go away. Even wearing my soft fuzzy slippers would cause pain as the fur touched the inflamed area. After the two years he did a biopsy. It was diagnosed as Schamberg’s Disease. The doctor told me that there was no cure and that it would spread and could show up anywhere on my body. This was in December. Well, as I drove home, I was adamant and decided IM NOT ACCEPTING THAT!!! I had attended several of Tracy L Clark’s Body Regeneration events and workshops and had learned some of the tools and techniques to apply to the body. I connected to God and used the Body Regeneration techniques. I spoke into the body, with conviction, releasing the issue and attachments and bringing in complete healing and restoration. I also had one of Tracy’s scarfs that she blesses with divine healing and wrapped it around my leg. I wore it to bed for two weeks as well as continue to apply the tools. My husband and I were going to Mexico that January (approx. 5 weeks later) and I wanted this completely gone. I put a date and time frame for this to take place. By January when we left for our trip, it was completely gone. It has been four years now and it has not come back at all. Thank you God, Thank you Tracy!!! E. Schneider

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