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Janet's Testimonial

Absolutely blown away by your gift!


TLC Member for 6+ months
“Dearest Tracy, Thank you so much for being the wonderful loving kind and generous person that you are! I am so very grateful and absolutely blown away by your gift of membership to the Miraculous Academy until January. It was so totally unexpected and is received with much much gratitude and love in return. Our computer had been glitchy ( so I didn’t receive the email about the Effortless Academy winding up ) and it went to the computer doctor only not to return home. Lucky we had mini iPad to get us through and I was still able to connect in. Your team has been absolutely wonderful in helping me out during our little glitch. One new computer later and we are all sorted – I think I am so very grateful that you went onto John’s BTO show earlier this year, and that I listened in and I connected with your community…..Best move ever!!! You really do make this world a better place and make me want to be a better person! I was a school teacher in my previous life (this one and I was medically retired). I can see you love your community just as much as I loved my bunch of kids for the year that they were in my care! You will help me to help myself find my new way back to whatever God has planned….something I”m working on to find out consciously. I am also very grateful for my session with you and your beautiful kitty catsl xxx Again, Thank you so so so much!!! Lots of big love and huge huge hugs!!!!!! Janet

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