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Jenn M's Testimonial

I Showed Up For Myself At All Cost!

Jenn M

TLC Member for 7+ years
“Five years after doing my work consistently, the “bad cells” showed up.   This was totally unexpected and caught me off guard.  Tracy and her Community were very supportive and stood by me throughout the process.  Tracy directed me via an integrated approach, with no judgements, and explained to me exactly how and why this showed up in my life. The scar tissue exercise on Saturday was great. I did a one year follow up after my surgery today, and the first thing the doctor said was, “You look good!” After the checkup, he said “You have healed very well, there is no scar tissue and everything is great!” While sitting in the waiting room, I reflected that it was seven years, on Sept 30th, that I sold the home and moved out of the toxic environment. The dates coincide with my surgery last year. Then Kelly Clarkson’s song came on, “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger” Thanks to everyone in the Community that stood with me and went through this with me! There is only one more step later this month, and I know that it will be fine. Last but not least, I also want to thank Tracy L Clark, who helped me to find out what lesson this was for me and I absolutely get it! I showed up for myself at all cost and I made that promise to myself last year. Thanking God!  Jenn Mclaughlin”

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