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Judith Burger's Testimonial

I am forever grateful for Tracy’s generosity and kindness

Judith Burger

TLC Member for 1 1/2 years
When I joined Tracy’s Miraculous Academy around 16 months ago I was at a point in my life where I had been feeling stuck for many years and I was searching for guidance. I instantly knew it was the right space for me to grow and expand on every level and every layer. Tracy is an amazing leader and mentor teaching you how to shift energy fast and how to connect to the God of your understanding and to your heart in a practical and instant way. Her teachings combine spirituality, science and ministry and reveal the impact of words, thoughts and imprints on our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Tracy empowers people to connect, shift and release old programs to be able to improve health, career, finances, intuition and relationships with self and others. Tracy herself lives a divinely guided life dedicated to her community and her desire to help as many as possible. She goes above and beyond and cares deeply for every single soul. During a very challenging period of my life in spring of this year where I was about to suspend my membership due to financial straits, Tracy stepped in and gifted me not only six months of access to her Miraculous Academy (I was given two more months which makes eight in total), she also made sure I was able to join one of her brilliant classes on career and finances. I am forever grateful for her generosity and kindness. Also her community is filled with beautiful, charitable and like minded souls who give space to share wins and vulnerabilities and help uplift each other every single day. I can honestly say that Tracy and her community have changed my life. I feel blessed and honoured to work with such an amazing soul and to be part of this loving group of people from all over the world.