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Julie & Rob's Testimonial

Tracy Changed Our Lives and the Miracles Flowed!

Julie & Rob

TLC Members for 8+ years
“Tracy, where do Rob and I even start and how can we even begin to thank you? You have changed and impacted every single facet of our lives!   For almost 20 years, I was in excruciating pain and could not move my neck. The doctors and specialists told me that they would have to operate and fuse my vertebrae to ease the pain but that I would never have full range of motion again.  One session with you and you released the trauma that was stuck, and my neck is fully healed! The doctors have no idea how I am better!   My husband and I never thought that we would be able to come to terms and be at peace with the death of our daughter. Thank you, Tracy, for helping us move through and be grateful for one of the most difficult challenges of our lives.   I never thought that I would be able to let go of the rage, anger, and trauma that I held from a 6-year physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive relationship. Thank you, Tracy, for releasing me and freeing me from the pain and anger that had consumed me and created debilitating illness in my life.   My husband and I used to scrape together change to put gas in our car, our debt load was crushing, and we almost lost our house.  Today, we are more prosperous than we ever thought possible, and money miracles show up almost daily! Thank you, Tracy, for opening our financial flow, and for changing our relationship with money.   Rob had served in the military for 20 years.  He had been medically released from the military with severe back and knee injuries, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and severe panic attacks.  All specialists said that he would be using a walker or a cane, and that his back and knee issues would only worsen; there was nothing that they could do for him.  His panic attacks and PTSD from the military were debilitating and affected him every day. Through working with you, he is now fully healed of all physical, mental, and emotional issues. The doctors have no explanation for how Rob and I have healed! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you have done, and continue to do for us!  Rob and I have no idea where we would be today if we had not met you in 2012. You are such a blessing to this world!  You are such a blessing to us, and we would not have the life we have today without you.  We are forever grateful!!!   So much love and blessings, Julie and Rob Laird”