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Kasia T's Testimonial

So many miracles!

Kasia T

TLC Member for 6+ years
Tracy, when I look at all the areas of my life that have worked themselves out since working with you for the past 6 years I just can’t believe it. As a family we went from moving money around each month in order to make ends meet and huge debts in collections to a financial space of almost all the debts paid and even having play money to live out our dreams. My relationships have also changed, having to make hard choices to let some distance go between friends and family, but allowing me to truly cherish those who I still keep close. Through your TLC community I have also gained the support of so many beautiful souls especially within the monthly membership of the Body Regen Miraculous Academy. I like to consider them my extended family. But what I have to say has been the biggest breakthrough is that your tools, your videos and constant giving to this community have empowered me to realize that I hold the key to my happiness no matter where my finances or relationships are at. If something feels hard/down/off then it’s up to me to release it and take on a different perspective to why this has shown up. What is the purpose of it showing up and why it’s being done “for” me and not “to” me? So many miracles big and small have shown up because I am noticing and stopping to grateful for them all. Each day I focus on whatever I want to manifest then I ask for it and trust, know and believe it to be already on its way to me. My hope is that anyone considering joining you and this community takes the chance on jumping in and getting the life they really want too. I would tell them that “There is an entire village of people to support you through the journey, so you’re never alone”. Blessed that my path has led me to you and for the evolution of your community. I look forward to seeing what is yet to come from the TLC group – the gift that keeps on giving ❤️. Kasia T