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Keiko K

TLC Member for 3+ years

Very intense, fulfilling experience

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"Hello, Tracy and Team Tracy, I very much enjoyed the weekend event. As I have mentioned in a comment I left, I am really glad that my Team arranged things so that I would attend this workshop. It was truly a surprise gift!! I had attended several in-person weekend events before, but in a strange way, I found this online event more intimate and I felt like I was getting to know others better. I guess that listening to those ladies during the Soul Seats was like sitting in on a personal session, which gave deeper insights into their lives and personalities. Also, because I knew I would be able to watch the recording later on, I didn't feel the pressure to write down things, and I was able to really focus on what was going on at that moment. Another perk was to get to meet people from afar, whom we would not have been able to meet otherwise. Anyways, thank you sooo much for this very intense, fulfilling experience. Much, much appreciated!! Love, Keiko xoxo "

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AnnaMarie DiMeo

TLC Member for 1+ years

Tearing With Joy And A Heart Full Of Love!

"Thank you 
for making me understand that I can be the REAL ME...I started on a journey of self growth and realization over 30 years ago, learning, reading, doing courses and workshops, different therapies and modalities and meeting different teachers along the way...YOU, however, have been the most impactful in the shortest time" ...Read AnnaMarie DiMeo's Full Testimonial

Mike Awde

TLC Member 8+ years

Abundance Of Peace And Love In My Life!

"In less than a month of working with Tracy, I have been able to overcome many of the restrictions, blockages and fears that have prevented me in the past from living the life I’ve always dreamt of.  Tracy is by far one of the most extraordinary people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with..." ...Read Mike Awde's Full Testimonial

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