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Books like these need to be in schools and colleges

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Have you ever felt that your life is not in harmony with your expectations? Do you feel that the choices you make never seem to have positive outcomes? Your mind is the most powerful but unused muscle in your body and it can either propel you towards happiness or hold you back from realizing your full potential. Many of us wait for others to make us happy, we rely on outside influences when actually the true power is within us to manifest anything we desire. From birth, Tracy has overcome multiple physical ailments and a traumatic attack and throughout God Where Are You! It's Me!, she not only shares her personal story but testimonials from people who have transformed their lives with her guidance. Discover how to recondition your mind so that your painful past does not become a blueprint for your future. You are given permission and the techniques to dare to dream and put your unique gifts into action. 'The Universe, the Source, the Creator wants to give you everything, and all that is expected of you is to stand up and take it!' God Where Are You! It's Me! by Tracy Clark has the capability to change lives if the reader totally immerses themselves in Tracy's message. She understands the effects of trauma and how they can leave long-lasting scars. I loved this line - it just sums up everything perfectly: 'We’ve been conditioned in our lives to believe it’s our traumas and hurtful events that make us who we are.' There are so many techniques and tips that are simple to follow but very powerful. I thought the questions she asks of the reader throughout gives the opportunity for very deep self-reflection. I found the description of our time on this planet as Earth School just having various experiences so profound. I think her analysis of manifestation was amazing; to think that we all have the ability to attract what we want but the majority of us attract the things we don't want. The content of this guide will help anyone gain the courage to let go of their past and realize that they hold the power to change. This was brilliantly explained in the take back control of your mind section. Using the guidance in this book you have all the tools to transform a negative, unhappy foundation of beliefs into ones that will only positively serve you. A must-read. Books like these need to be in schools and colleges so children can reach their full potential.

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