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Marina Z's Testimonial

I am changing so rapidly!

Marina Z

TLC Member for 6+ months
“Hi Tracy I just wanted to say THANK YOU! OMG, I am changing so rapidly I cannot even articulate the massive expansion. I am in my body, experiencing life, speaking and living in my truth. This past week is the first time since 2012 I am spending my days living, focusing on thriving vs the old of most of my day spending on body restoration. I’m still do lots of work daily as it’s a lifestyle for well being and expansion but I’m now experiencing life as a human like never before. My brain health is restoring, work in progress but I no longer judge self for the challenges processing and I’m no longer have fear/shame asking for help when needed. I accept current state as continue to work on restoration and optimization. Heart continues to open, an area of emphasis for me as I have this knowingness my life purpose is around this. I am a attracting kind and helpful people in my life, flowing, staying in my lane letting go of everything that is no aligned with my space (including friends). I will welcome them back but the best part, no longer reacting to letting them go. I acknowledge I’m in a different space right now vibrating much higher. I’m focusing my efforts on creation and it’s quite amazing how the universe provides. I’m being stretched at times, part of the expansion process but have tools and the community to support. The well of tears is going to implode soon.”