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Michael C's Testimonial

I was so blessed

Michael C

TLC Member 3+ years
“As I have been working through Tracy’s programs, so much was given to me. At the beginning I was not sure if I was ready to take the step of investing in myself. 2 beautiful souls from the community reached out to me and gifted me the miraculous program until I was ready to commit to it myself. This was amazing because I never would have known how important Tracy’s programs were to me without getting the chance to experience them. In addition, I was so blessed to be gifted different courses and workshops along the way by Tracy. Even though I never asked Tracy to gift them to me, I asked God, and often times I would get an email from Tracy saying something was being gifted to me! The spirit of giving is very strong in the community and taught me how amazing it feels to unexpectedly give to someone so they can have their breakthrough. I know I had a lot of breakthroughs through the generosity of this community, and I am so grateful for those. Thanks Michael Callander”