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Mike Awde's Testimonial

Abundance Of Peace And Love In My Life!

Mike Awde

TLC Member 8+ years
“Since joining the Evolutionary Academy I have experienced incredible transformational growth in all areas of my life.  In less than a month of working with Tracy, I have been able to overcome many of the restrictions, blockages and fears that have prevented me in the past from living the life I’ve always dreamt of.  Tracy is by far one of the most extraordinary people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with.  Within a short period of time working with Tracy and the Evolutionary Academy, I have seen my relationships grow stronger and now overflow with more love than ever before.  I have also become more grounded and connected in mind, body and spirit, providing me with an abundance of peace and love in my life that I never thought possible.  Prior to joining the Evolutionary Academy, I made decision-making harder than it needed to be.  I tended to over think everything, become exhausted and overwhelmed.  By learning to release fears and trust my heart, I am now able to let go of attachments to outcomes and make decisions with ease and grace.  I am forever grateful for the life changing opportunities that are now present in my life thanks to Tracy and the work associated with the Evolutionary Academy!   Cheers, Mike Awde”

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