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Norm G's Testimonial

Clarity on my mission in life

Norm G

TLC Member for 4+ years
“I had the privilege to be part of the Evolutionary Academy Program twice in 2019! What an experience that was! It was very impactful in my life on many levels. During the course, a number of topics were covered such as health, finances, relationships, God connection and one’s life mission. The program gave me along the way many Aha moments and different expanded perspectives on the above topics. I experienced several inner spiritual/intuitive insights such as soul recognition from a distant past for the first time; perceive a deeper essence of people around me and got clarity on my mission in life going forward to name a few. Working directly in a small group with Tracy was very powerful energetically, meaning that I could often feel the shifting of energy in my body during and after the sessions. I also enjoyed a deeper inner God connection (intensity of (Holy) Spirit inside me) during my morning gratitude exercise which I have continued to do to this day. It has made a big impact on how the rest of my day flows. This exercise is just one tool I have implemented from the Evolutionary course. I certainly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get to the next level of development with ease and grace in their life. Normand Gauthier”

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