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Rahul R's Testimonial

Tracy has been my anchor

Rahul R

TLC Member for 6+ years
“I started working with tracy about 6 years ago, at that time in my life I was struggling to accept what had happened to me in my childhood, because of that I couldn’t process my emotions and that created so much anger/rage, anxiety, addiction and stress in my life. Tracy was honest, always available and really helped me understand how to process emotions, releasing negative energies/entities and really aligning myself for the best outcome. Since that time, Tracy has been my anchor and go to person for all my spiritual guidance. Not only in last 6 years I have become centred, calmer, relaxed but I really have gotten a new lease of life, with that came the one thing I was never inclined to believe in, GOD. My work with Tracy has opened my eyes to the world that we never see or saw, its amazing how loving and joyful this life can be with the right person by your side to help and guide, Tracy has been that for me and my life has never looked or felt better. I’m 36 years old, lost 70lbs, quit my job, divorced, sold my home…..all of this sounds too much in short period of time but that is exactly the alignment and change one can expect because working with Tracy will definitely show you, whats working for you in your life and whats not. I have never been happier, healthier, centred, spiritual, own my own company, love what I do and have learned to be strong in myself that nothing or anyone can take me out of this space. Thank you Tracy!!!!”