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Renee Guill's Testimonial

I loved having a lot of aha moments reading this!

Renee Guill

Verified Reader
God Where Are You! It’s Me! by Tracy Clark is a self-help book that teaches how you can heal yourself. She explains how and why her method works. It is about finding your divine self to help you heal from physical or mental pain. Tracy Clark uses stories from her past to show what she did that helped her. She also uses testimonials to show that her method does help people. She also gives you easy exercises, mental ones, that you can use to help you heal your pain. I thought that God Where Are you! It’s Me! by Tracy Clark was very inspiring. I loved how she shared her stories to explain how things work. I should give you a trigger warning, she does talk about abuse, kidnapping, and bullying. I liked that she said ‘the God of your understanding’; this made it easier to comprehend. Also, her science fiction references were spot on, it does help if you are a sci-fi fan. I loved having a lot of aha moments reading this. Even though there are a lot of books on the topic, this one has some unique ideas and rather eye-opening ones. The mental exercises she gives made it easier to understand. She does have a Facebook group and a podcast, in case you need more info, which I liked. The testimonials did show just what she can do for people; some were quite amazing. If you are soul searching or looking for a better way to deal with your pain, I highly recommend this book.

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