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Robin Russell's Testimonial

You literally saved my life!

Robin Russell

TLC Member for 4+ years
“Hi Tracy,  
I hope you’re having a great day! 
A few years back, I started working with you, and my life and health has improved so much. I was having my darkest days, back in 2017, where suicide was the only way I thought I’d ever shake the ball of demons that would choose to try and destroy me. But I fought back, and with your help then, you guided me to where I needed to be in regards to my hysterectomy; and again, with your healing and shifting, I made it, and I feel so much better. But I was still sick, and you knew this. Once I finally opened up and put it all in God’s hands, I found out that it was my implants; they were literally killing me, with the poison seeping into my system. You told me to be patient and that it would all be okay. Well, here I am, 23 days later, and the doctors cannot believe how well I have healed and how much better I look and feel. They asked me what vitamins I’m using. I said, “Tracy L Clark.”  I know I have a ways to go; it’s a process. But I am smiling through it. You have helped my husband immensely, and my children. I can never ever thank you enough for that. They are my life, and seeing them benefit from you and your amazing gift, fills my heart more than ever. The other night, when you were doing clearing for all of us, my brother came home and said that he felt like something had just been shed from him. I never spoke about this because he and my mom are a little resistant to this, but anyhow, he said it must be planetary and spirit. I almost fell off my chair! That’s a win for you. And my mom has been trying to sell her motorhome for 3 years, and it is finally sold—yay!! So much happening over here, and I am excited for what’s to come.
 P.S. You literally saved my life. Forever grateful, God bless you, and much love from the Russell family. xoxo”