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Saima S's Testimonial

Enormous shifts and healing

Saima S

TLC Member for 6+ months
“Have sat down to write about the weekend event all week but needed a few days to digest and integrate the enormous shifts and healing. It was my first weekend event and I feel so grateful and so humbled that Tracy L Clark made my wish come true. When my mom told me she was going for Tracy’s weekend event, I remarked, “I wish someday I can attend one with you.” Thank you Tracy for showering me with an instant blessing and miracle. When I saw the email, I jumped out of my skin – I could not even believe it. I think a part of me still cannot even process the grace and blessing that has become a part of my life since meeting you. Its incredible the energy and love you put for over 6+ hours each day! Wow!! I am blown away at your incredible capacity to hold space for everyone and make healing so beautiful and accessible. I want to thank the soul seat souls 🙂 It was an exercise in the oneness of us all. I feel connected to each one of you. I am so grateful for the gift of the weekend event. I will cherish my beautiful miracle. Words fall short. Thank you”