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Sandra P's Testimonial

Thank You For The Miraculous Healing

Sandra P

TLC Member for 2+ years
“Well Tracy you did it again!!! Another one of my results came back and now my fibroids are shrinking! My Doctor and I are amazed as these have been growing for 10 years.  My Doctor says keep doing what you are doing.  She said she was going to tell her friend about you who is into healing and mention your live events to her.  So I am thankful she BELIEVES! From no cane literally the next day after just one (my first) phone call with Tracy.  My cells are healing, to my lungs being clear, fibroids are shrinking…no cane, my list of health ailments are finally diminishing…All since Nov 28/18 doing the work and connecting with Tracy daily.  I was dying a slow death until I met you.  Thank you Tracy, Thank you God!!” Sandra Pashayan”